300T Glue dispenser

Item No.: 300T
300T Glue dispenser 

1.Control system: profssional handheld dispensing control system
2.The function with point, line, arc, circle, irregular curve continuous fill input program
Description Technical parameters: Delivery&Payment

300T Glue dispenser 

Function features:                                                                                                                                                       
1.The function with point, line, arc, circle, irregular curve continuous fill input program
2,The function with arbitrary point, line, surface, circular arc irregular curve continuous dispensing glue     
3.High-speed,low noise brushless DC motor, it makes the dispensing glue more better.     
4.Static eliminator can put the static elimination within ±100V
5.Dispensing  dynamics automatic compensation function, it makes the operation more convenient
6.X Y area array, the rotation of translation function, the materials plate, apply to different positioning

Application range of machine:                                                                                                                                
Semiconductor packaging, PCB machine parts fixed and protection, LCD glass encapsulation and glue stick, Key products dispensing of mobile telephone plate, speaker packaging and dispensing, battery boxes, dispensing glue, automobile spare parts, hardware, parts wrap glue, quantitative liquid filling, chip set bond, etc   

Glue Application:                                                                                                                                                  
The UV glue, AB glue, EPOXY (vinyl), white glue, EMI conductive adhesive, SILICON, EPOXY resin,
Super glue, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, cooling paste, solder paste, transparent paint, plastic screws glue, etc

Technical parameters:                                                                                                                                              

1.Working areaX axis: 300mm   Y axes :300mm  Z axis :100 mm   
2.The fastest speed: 500mm/sec   
3.Repeat accuracy:  ±0.02mm   
4.Control system: profssional handheld dispensing control system     
5.Program storage: 100 groups     
7.Supporting format :   CADCoreldRAW 
8.maximum load: X/Y/Z   10KG/10KG/5KG
 9.Feeding speed: 1.8 meters/min (maximum)   
10.Voltage: AC220V 50 - 60HZ 1.2KW    
11.Net weight:about 50KG      
12.Machine size: 450x400x600mm
The Delivery&Payment term:                                                                                                                                      

1.Delivery term:7 working days based on quantity
2.Packing term:1 unit/wooden case/Packing size is 55*50*70cm/Gross weight is 75KG.
3.Payment term:T/T (telegraphic transfer)

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