Attention use of tape dispenser

Attention use of tape dispenser:

The tape machine also called gummed paper cutting machine, adhesive tape cutting machine, which is a device used to put the tape, the other end is used to cut the tape or serrated blade. According to the type of adhesive tape machine tape cutting is divided into many kinds of.
Note the use of adhesive tape machine:
1.In the process of machine movement, finger or other matter can not be placed in the cutting knife, so as to avoid danger;
2.Need to cut into parts, must cut off the power supply firstly
3.In order to ensure the service life of the machine and the use of good degree, avoid the use or storage of large areas of humidity;
4.When the machine is abnormal heat, smoke and odor phenomenon, should cut off the power supply, check the machine problem;
5.The machine must be checked before use, shell and other parts, to avoid the power line damage, blade and so on;
6.Maintains stability when using the machine, to avoid falling or strong impact on the machine from a height.

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