How to choose soldering robot?

How to choose soldering robot?
Soldering robot is more and more application in the solder industry, greatly enhance the work efficiency, integration, small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, flexible and convenient operation and practical. So how to choose the automatic solder machine needs to consider the following points:
1. High quality requirements for the welding of the through hole components.
2.Manufacturers to deal with the conventional welding method is not ideal for thick plate, large heat absorbing plates, large heat absorption parts, high components of the board, the characteristics of the large difference between the components of the method.
3.Automatic soldering machine. The existing PCB plate type fixture much more trouble.
4.The number of the hole in the surface patch circuit board of the automatic solder machine or the number of solder joints, the PCB board can achieve the requirements of the production capacity.
5. There is no cleaning process, PCB board after the completion of the surface cleaning degree.
6.PCB board components have not sticky flux such as open potentiometer, adjustable resistor, the components can not be heated.
Automatic soldering machine is the main alternative to repeat the simple manual welding action, the biggest advantage is the solder joint consistency is good, quality is stable, automatic solder machine for certain products efficiency will be significantly improved. Automatic soldering machine can improve the work efficiency more than 50%, can improve the welding precision, reduce the number of soldering, the waste that would otherwise require two individual work, only one person can complete automatic soldering machine is the product of choice for soldering operation.

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